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Lyseis Full Package

This package is referred for anyone who wants neither simple, nor professional but an Advance Professional presentation on the internet.


Key Features


*Cost for 1st year: starts at 1400 £819.38 Includes:

  •    Setup fee, design, development 
  •    Domain Registration
  •    Hosting


  •  1) Website Development: creation of 5 webpages
  •  2) Domain Name: name with .com, .org, .eu, .biz, .net | .com.cy, .cy
  •  3) Email Addresses: 5 email address and webmail
  •  4) Contact form: online email form that can be completed by user    

  •     Graphics Design: Creation of basically documents to the website. For example the incorporation of a logotype in the website template. (Included)

    Extra Components: Creation of Forum, Shout box, Chat room, (Photos, Documents, Videos, Sounds) Album, Flash Banner, Registration Forms, e.t.c. (Included)


      Advertising: Site is submitted to search engines such as Google, Yahoo (Included)


      Internet Marketing: Search Engine Optimization, Market Reasearch (Included)


    Editing of Content: starts at 30  / £17.56 per hour

  •     Update of website content after website release

* Domain Submission 100 € / £58.53 Annually

  Hosting Submission  50 € / £29.26 Annually





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